Thursday, March 9, 2017


10 Mar. 2017
1600 Local
Position: 07° 20.28 N 137° 27.07 E
Moored, Palau

While Miss perky got to enjoy her time at the spa there was work to be done on the boat. With the engine out it was an opportunity to clean what had become a very messy engine room. Being on a mooring in the pristine clean waters of Palau I could not just spray degreaser about then rinse it to the bilge to be pumped overboard. Instead it was wiping on the degreaser, Kathy recommended floor stripper, using a scrubby pad then using paper towels to wipe clean. This was followed by wiping with a damp cloth and then a dry one This took several applications lots of paper towel and rags but allowed the area to be cleaned without pumping oily sludge overboard.

Jim, the mechanic, was busy working on Miss Perky. As she was running fine we mainly wanted to fix the oil leaks from the rear main seal along with a number of others. It was also a chance to replace the oil line hoses with new. Jim recommended a new paint scheme of all white, better to track down oil leaks in the future. Miss Perky is no longer Perkins blue but Detroit white along with a white engine room the area is brightened up considerably. After new seals, gaskets, hoses and paint Jim test ran her several times in his shop and finding no leaks it was time to put her back in the boat. A big problem was the very rainy weather that we were experiencing here in Palau. Friday March 3 was our hoped for day and somehow we managed to have three hours that morning without rain and got the installation done, just the reverse of the engine removal. Shortly thereafter the sky's opened up again.


With the engine back in my work continued with the job of hooking everything back up and getting Miss Perky running in the boat, that is still continuing today. There have been several small problems that we are managing to solve but progress is being made. More on those with the next addition.

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Saturday, February 18, 2017


18 Feb. 2017
1200 local
Position: 07° 20.28 N 137° 27.07 E
Moored, Palau

Hopefully I am not over grossing my faithful readership with another update so quickly. As some may recall our faithful auxiliary engine an old Perkins fondly named Miss Perky installed as a re manufactured engine back in 2003 or 04 prior to our leaving the states now having just over 6,000 hours of run time has been suffering from numerous oil leaks. She has always run well and there we have had no complaints regarding her excellent service but the rear main seal leaking 1/2 quart every 5 hours is just to much and my attempt at replacing it did not work. She also has other leakages from the pan and valve cover gaskets, some of the oil cooler lines along with some coolant ones too. After consulting with a mechanic here in Palau it was decided to remove Miss Perky from the boat and send her to Jim's shop for a manicure, pedicure and facial. well really new seals and gaskets and a fresh coat of paint.

I spent 4 days readying things for the engine removal. Being a center cockpit vessel the engine come straight up from it's location under the cockpit floor. First it was removing all the items in the cockpit. disconnecting the steering, sailing instruments, shift and throttle cables then removing the entire steering pedestal so the floor could be unbolted. Next was all the engine connections and wiring. Being an old engine Miss Perky does not have just a plug and play harness but individual wires to oil pressure, water temp, alarms, starter etc. etc. All needed to be labeled so I can hopefully have an easy time re-connecting things. We were now ready to be towed to an area where Jim, the mechanic, had his truck which has a crane for lifting. Ah hah you may remember we have had a fancy hard top built while in the Philippines, it's full enclosure had previously been removed but now the top itself also had to come off. Certainly glad that on it's design we remembered that it had to be removable. Slings were wrapped around the top and off it came.


Next the floor of the cockpit was lifted up and we were ready to lift Miss Perky up to be on her way for a spa treatment.




With the engine room empty it's now time for that area to be cleaned and painted.


Our tow service was provided by one of the dive boats operated by
Sam's Tours. Sam, the owner is a true friend of the cruiser's that visit Palau and his crew did a great job towing us back and forth to our mooring.



Where has all the stuff gone? the guest room.


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Friday, February 17, 2017


17 Feb. 2017
1700 Local
Position: 07° 29.28 N 137° 27.07 E

Two months and I am finally back to writing. I made a trip back to the states to visit with both my orthopedic and skin cancer Doctors. Kathy stayed on the boat and took care of things here in Palau along with Chica the wonder cat. My doctors appointment were all taken care of the day after my arrival. The only trauma being the fact that I had a rental care and it was the first time I had driven in 5 years. The freeway was a bit stressful but I managed and only honked at once doing a lane change.

My orthopedist had x-rays taken of both knees and said the fractured patella on my replace knee was basically healed and that the other one would need replacing in the future. For now I got a steroid injection to go with the sinvisc fluid injection I had here in Palau in December. I could have the fluid injection every 6 months if they were available. Perhaps the Taiwanese doctor will return here again.

The rest of my trip to the states was spent visiting friends and doing shopping for things not available here that we would normally we have to have mailed. One special event was Capt. Sandbar and his wife Maryanne hosting a get tother of a group of the old Harbor Patrol guys I used to work with. One thing about this trip was I almost froze having only shorts and flip flops. It was cold and rainy in California, hopefully their drought has ended.

Now to Noni therapy! Here in Micronesia/Polynesia the indigenous people have been using the fruit and leaves of the Noni tree as a holistic medicine. Captain Cook note the use of the Noni tree in Tahiti in his journals in the 1700's. We are using the leaves as a poultice on both my knees. Three or four leaves on each knee and an ace bandage wrap left over night and swelling is down along with easier movement. A number of years there was big marketing of drinking the juice to cure all. Not sure about that but leaves wrapped around a painful joint definitely works.




Coming soon is the reason for perhaps a bit to much of my time spent on my knees but it is necessary.

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Saturday, December 24, 2016


25 Dec. 2016 Sun.
1330 Local
Position: 07° 20.28 N 137° 27.07 E

Three and a half months and it has taken a holiday to get me inspired to do some sort of an update. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Since our arrival here in Palau we have not been truly busy and enjoyed just hanging out and catching up on relaxing. There has been some work done and also a very nice visit from our friend Connie. A trip to the Rock Island area of Palau, lots of swimming in the lovely warm and clear water either while on our mooring or during our Rock Island trip.

There have also been some setbacks. Kathy had to make a trip to Guam to see an eye doctor, nothing serious as it turned out. My engine work of replacing the rear main oil seal was a failure and we continue to have a substantial leak when running the engine. Something that will be taken care of in the future. Our water maker needs to be looked at again as the product water is not up to standards. Biggest on the list would be suffering a fractured patella on my newly replaced knee. I will be coming to the states in mid January to have it and the other knee that I injured just prior to leaving the Philippines looked at.

This is a lovely place and as we have just gotten resident status for the State of Koror the boat can stay here and as we as US citizens get one year visas we may be staying for an extended time. Others have told us that it is expensive here but we are not finding that so. Our mooring is only $50 a month and groceries or eating out are not really more than in the states.

That may catch things up a little and hopefully I will be a little more timely with future entries.

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Friday, September 9, 2016


09 Sept. 2016 Fri.
1730 local
Position: 07° 20.287 N 134° 27.076 E

We have been here in Palau now for one week, trying to get used to the cruising lifestyle once again. There has been lots of small boat things to take care of and also exploring the new town of Koror here on the island of Palau. We are moored off Sam's Tours, a dive business operated by an American expat that first arrived here in the mid 1980's. Sam's is also the home of the Royal Belau Yacht Club to which for $35 we are now members. Our mooring fees are $50 per month. The restaurant at Sam's is good serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. Kathy likes the white wine they serve and 14 oz. draft beers that are brewed here on the island at $4.50, all money here is in US dollars.

Here is a summery of our passage. We traveled 585 nautical miles in 144 hours, so an average speed of 4 knots. 114 hours was motoring and a measly 30 hours sailing. We burned approximately 80 gallons worth of dinosaurs. In leaving Mindanao we knew we were in for light to no wind but we needed to escape the Philippines at all costs. We had had enough of the threats there of terrorist activities. It was while underway that we were told of the latest bombing that took place in Davao. We are happy to finally be away from there. We did experience a number of mechanical problems the worst of which was lots of oil leaks from our faithful auxiliary engine Miss Perky. I don't believe sitting around and not running much during the previous 18 months did her gaskets any favors. The biggest leak was from a rear main oil seal which I knew was bad but had not addressed. We had a wire on the alternator break which caused us to lose the tachometer reading but that was an easy fix. Thankfully the biggest issues, losing the raw water pump pulley did turn out to be an easy fix thanks to Kathy's quick action stopping the engine and the final problem we discovered after clearing customs and heading to Sam's. A raw water exhaust hose that had it totally failed would have shot salt water throughout the engine room. Again Kathy saw the bilge pump light stay on for to long of a time and had me check things, some temporary tape and next thing we were safely on our mooring. the big positive we had were the lack of fuel problems that had plagued us when we came from Cebu to Mindanao. We definitely enjoyed how well our new auto pilot worked. the AIS which tracks other ship traffic was great. Keeping us advised of potential collision courses long before we could see the ship visually.
All in all other than it being a basic motor boat ride it was a fine passage.

Today was spent looking into what has become my newest health issue. Just prior to leaving Ocean View Marina I being in to much of a hurry attempted to go up two stairs at once, pulling something in my last remaining leg joint that has not become bionic. I have no real idea of the problem but something soft tissue related. We visited the hospital today. Of course there is no orthopedic doctor here or facilities for an MRI.
X-rays were taken and there appears to be no damage to any of the bones, no MRI means no way to see soft tissue damage. There is a physiotherapist on island who has been highly recommended but that will wait till next week. My hospital visit was very inexpensive! The doctor I saw, knee x-rays, a Tylenol/codeine prescription and a short time with the hospital physical therapist all for $47.

We now have lots of new things to experience here in Palau.

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Saturday, September 3, 2016


03 Sept. Sat. 2016
0630 local
Position: 07° 20.287 N 134° 27.076 E

A quick safe arrival message. At 1145 yesterday 2 Sept. we docked at the Malakal port wharf to clear customs, immigration and quarantine.
Once completed we continued to our present location.

Last night was the after passage sleep of the dead, another update soon to follow.

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Thursday, September 1, 2016


1600 Hrs. Local
Position: 06° 47 N 133° 30 E
Course: 094° Mag
Speed: 4.9 Kts.
Wind: NNE @ 8 Kts.

We continue motoring along toward Palau. We have an ETA of 0600 tomorrow morning plus or minus as we can make speed adjustments. We hope to actually enter the pass about 0800 with the sun behind us for visibility, arriving for customs and immigration clearance about 1000.

Today's bit of fun was Kathy waking me from an off watch nap and saying there had been a banging noise in the engine room and she had shut the engine down. On checking I found the pulley on the raw water pump had come off. Draping over the hot engine I managed to retrieve the pulley and then using a new key and nut from a spare pump put things back together. An hour of fun in the hot confines of Miss Perky's engine room.
It's good these things happen on Kathy's watch as she always hears the sounds and then reacts correctly.

All is well aboard and we are looking forward to tomorrows arrival.

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