Thursday, May 24, 2018


25 May 2018
1430 Local Time
Position: 14' 23 N 157' 52 E

More enjoyable sailing. Wind is from the NE at 14 kts and we continue to progress mainly north. We just had a squall to wash the enclosure windows off and I have finished talking on the Pacific Seafarers net, giving our position and weather information.

The wind was quite calm overnight and with calm seas I fixed ham and egg burritos for breakfast instead of cereal.

All is well aboard and we are enjoying the sailing.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


24 May 2018
1300 Local Time
Position: 12' 29 N 157' 59 E

We are sailing along at 5.8 to 6.1 kts. the wind is from the ENE at 11 to 14 kts. We have settled into the passage and so have the cats. We are happy with our progress as we still are traveling mostly due north from Pohnpei. According to the Predict Wind routing app we are trying now to start to make more easting. We do not really have a set waypoint that we are aiming for but update the routing app twice a day and try to then follow the projected course.

We have had sunny sky's and no squalls of late. We are getting good solar power for the batteries though we run Miss Perky for 1/2 hour twice a day for our additional engine drive refrigeration.

Miss Perky was a bit reluctant to start yesterday and we have discovered some water in the port fuel filter bowl. A few days ago Kathy had noticed that the fill cap on the port tank was a bit loose. I have just drained water from the filter bowl and we will continue to check on it.

All is well aboard.

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Monday, May 21, 2018


22 May 2018
1330 Local Time
Position: 08' 55 N 158' 26 E

We managed to get away from the customs dock in Pohnpei at 1130 hrs. yesterday, motored out of the pass, hoisted sails and we were off. Now abit more than 24 hrs. later we are beginning to get into a routine though getting used to the 6 hr. on and 6 off watches takes a few days. the sailing has been great after 9 months in the marina. At least for Kathy and I our newest 4 legged crew spends her time hiding and the older one had a bout of Mal de Mer but is doing fine now though mostly sleeping.

Our winds have been consistent from the NNE from 7 to 15 knots. We have only had two squalls and both during daytime ours. The new equipment we recently installed is working great. Allis well aboard.

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Saturday, May 19, 2018


20 May 2018
Pohnpei, Micronesia

Today has been very busy preparing for departure tomorrow. The dinghy has been hoisted on deck and secured. Final fueling and provisioning finished. Earlier in the week I cleaned the bottom and the propeller along with fluid changes for Miss Perky. We also had hoisted the main sail and rolled out both handsails to check them.

We have been on a constant weather watch for the last week. Tomorrow was our chosen day though it now appears that the wind will be a bit lighter than forecast earlier in the week. The direction is good and as we're ready there is no sense in waiting. Our course for the first 1500 miles or so is East of North and though lite the we should be able to sail in that direction. Wind speeds are forecast to increase as we move north though still less than 20 kts. Of course that is only the forcast not what we will actually have.

We will be using the PredictWind offshore app for weather routing. It has come highly recommended by others, we'll see.

I do plan on doing updates as we make our way.

We hope to be back in Newport the first part of July

Saturday, April 28, 2018


29 April 2018
1500 Local
Mangrove Bay Marina

Since I haven't written an update since we were underway from Palau 8 long months ago and we will soon depart here to cross back across the Pacific to our homeport of Newport Beach  California I figured some sort of an update was necessary.

My last blog entry of September 1 2017 found us mostly motoring from Palau to Pohnpei. I had so much trouble trying to connect with position reports over either our Sailmail or Winlink connections. I just failed to continue with entries once we arrived here.

Our passage from Palau was definitely a motoring one and thankfully we had put additional fuel on in the form of a 55 gallon drum.



On our arrival we had only 24 gallons left! We sailed whenever  but the winds were never truly in our favor. The worst of our problems was the inability to get weather forecasts. No matter when I tried I was unable to connect via the high frequency radio. It was not the radio as I managed to check in daily with the Pacific Seafarers net. This difficulty has led us to make a purchase of an Iridium Go and signup for the PredictWind offshore app for weather forecasting on the upcoming passage.

We arrived in Pohnpei on the 14th of September, 354 after our departure. We logged a little over 1500 nautical miles at an average speed of 4.2 knots. 260 hours of motoring and 94 hours sailing.

Shortly after our arrival we moved into the Mangrove Bay Marina. The docks are sort of funky constructed of plastic and put together like legos. We have water but no electricity . Our moorage fee is $200/Mo. The restaurant and bar are only a few steps away.

Shortly after moving into the marina we added a new crew member. Lucy is a black and white tuxedo and our best guess is that she was perhaps 6 weeks old. Our older
cat Chica was not to happy about the new addition but she has gotten over it.

Enough typing for today I will continue Pohnpei adventures tomorrow. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

//WL2K Position

1300 local
05 40 N 138 55 E

wind on the nose, squally and confused seas, all fine aboard

Thursday, August 31, 2017