Monday, July 30, 2012


Anchorage TINGGI ISLAND 02°19.082N 104°06.25E

SAILING, a novel idea, since that is what we are supposed to be doing out here. We sailed our entire 30 mile passage today, probably only about the fifth time in the last two years in this part of the world. What a delightful day. 15 to 18 knots on the beam or just aft of it making 6 knots most of the way.
We are now anchored at the north end of Tinggi island and not long after the anchor hit bottom the thunder, lightening and rain started. It was nice to be in what appears to be a secure spot.

Tomorrow we move on to Tioman island where we will hopefully be in a marina again. Being marina bound would not be by choice but we have developed a difficulty with our anchor windlass and need to be in a secure spot while it gets taken apart. More on that later for now we are just quite happy to have been back actually sailing along. We hope for more of the same for tomorrows 30 mile passage.

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