Thursday, October 11, 2012


Anchored position 08° 30.41 N 117° 25.67 E
Tuba River, Palawan Is.

We awoke early after a quiet night off of Balabac Town. We had seen stars most of the night and now had partly cloudy sky's with wind out of the west. We had no real destination in mind just to keep moving along toward the northeast.

Once clear of the anchorage we hoisted a reefed main and unfurled our headsail. Sailing again!! We progressed along Balabac Island and then into the area between there and Palawan Island. This area is filled with small islands, reefs and sandy shoals. Our course was a zig zag through these. The wind stayed consistent from the westerly quadrant and even as we made course changes to avoid obstacles we continued to sail along. We passed several possible anchoring spots but with the favorable sailing conditions just kept on going. Our wind varied from 12 to 23 kts during the day and the wind angle from a close reach to dead down wind.

We arrived here in the Tuba river about 3 pm after a very fine day. There are two other cruising boats here both headed toward Malaysia and waiting for some light winds to go that way. Tomorrow we will launch the dinghy and visit the town. We have been told that there are plenty of provisions to be had here. We can also take the local taxi's, a motorcycle with sidecar, called a tricycle to a mining town which has more goods. The mining town also has an internet cafe.
We have been able to connect here but due to the distance from the cell tower it really does not work. So once again I am using our sailmail provider.

Tomorrow a land adventure!

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Michele Nylons said...

Hi Cathy and Jerry, looks like you guys are still having fun and enjoying the life. I'm still in Darwin with the navy and Robyn is in Cairns but she was here recently for 2 weeks holiday. Robyn suggested we might try and meet up with you guys somewhere in Asia so you might hear from her soon. Keep safe and hope all is well. Mitch