Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Pinoy Boat Yard
Port Carmen, Cebu Philippines

While here in the yard and deligently working away I had hoped to keep the blog updated with photos weekly. As you can see this is not what has happened. Work continues on all fronts but not to show in photos. It seems the biggest reason for delay is in the sanding and varnish part of the finish work. First things are sanded, then three coats of sealer with sanding between each followed by either two or three coats of gloss finish with more sanding in between. The results look great but from when the carpenter completes his work until Calvin our sander/varnisher complets his it's at least another week. In the meantime both Kathy and I are kept busy supervising and directing Esmer, the carpenter, and Calvin so work progresses how we want it. This, of course, is along with the other projects that she and I are doing. The cabinet that has been built I actually installed yesterday. Now we wait for the 1/4 round trim to to made and finished another four days then I can install it and we can put a final coat of satin varnish on to complete the job. Well almost as we are still waiting for the hinges that had to be ordered from the U.S. For the time being we live in a chaotic environment. the forward v-berth torn apart, no saloon table, piles of stuff everywhere along with all the paint and varnish supplies and fumes strun about. Hey we do see progress and improvement every day.

We have taken time for some shopping trips to the big city of Cebu and even spent the night last weekend. The shopping malls are huge and rival any back in the states. They are also extremely crowded. A trip to anywhere involves several modes of transport for us from the small trikes, either peddle or motorized to taxi's and buses. I've managed to video some of the trike rides but so far have been unable to upload any due to the slow internet.

That's it for now as it's time to check on workers, have breakfast and then do my sanding and painting in the v-berth.

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