Sunday, February 9, 2014


Pinoy Boat Yard
Port Carmen, Cebu

Here aboard Po'oino Roa the work on small jobs continues. We're still working on the new cockpit cushions, it's been slow but we are moving ahead. There are also lots of routine jobs that just always need doing. As my pension last check came in we finished paying our yard bill for all the paint, varnish and fiberglass work that has been done here. We have been taking a break from workers except the girls who are here today doing both the inside and outside cleaning.

That said today we'll take a look back at this time period back to just after the beginning of our life aboard Po Oino Roa. For those that perhaps have not looked at the start of the blog,our adventure started back in November of 2000 flying back to North Carolina from California to hopefully purchase what we named Po Oino Roa, meaning very crazy in the head. I did not manage to start this blog until November of 2011 and a good deal of water had passed under the keel by then. I've spent the morning looking back at old log books that have been a daily record since the boats purchase. We'll start with this date back in 2001 and progress to today.

9 Feb. 01 we were making our way done the intercoastal waterway on the east coast of the USA. We had been asked what trucking company would be used to transport our boat back to California but decided that since there was a perfectly good canal built through the isthmus of Panama we would use it to make our way back to Southern California where we would do a refitting before heading off again. This also allowed us to make our way through the islands of the eastern Caribbean. On this date we made our way from Titusville to Melbourne Florida.

9 Feb 02 found us making our way up the west coast of Mexico. We were anchored in Zihuatanejo getting to visit with old friends from our previous cruise to Mexico in the 99/2000 season.

9 Feb 03 we were back in our home town of Newport Beach, living on an offshore mooring and busy with the refit work. Having returned from Mexico in July of 02 our hope was to head back to Mexico in November of 03.

9 Feb 04 still on our mooring in Newport, there was just to much to do to manage to head off last November. This date actually had Kathy off in Florida teaching sailing while I was busy with replacing water tanks and new galley counter tops.

9 Feb 05 once again back in Mexico. We had left San Diego with the Baja Ha Ha in November of 04. this day found us leaving Zihuatanejo heading north to Barra de Navidad just a bit south of Puerto Vallarta.

9 Feb 06 we're in Paradise Village marina getting the boat ready for crossing the Pacific. This is termed the "puddle jump" but it's quite a big puddle. we had previously been anchored in the Tenecatita/Barra area but it was time to be in a marina to make the final preparations. We planned to leave in early March.

9 Feb 07 having made our way through French Polynesia, the Cook islands, Samoa we are now back north of the equator in the Marshall islands. Actually it's only I in the Marshall's as Kathy is on another teaching trip, this time to New Zealand. I have been busy sewing a new front shade and as there is a yacht club race this weekend getting ready to be the captain which is normally Kathy's job.

9 Feb 08 still in the Marshall islands with Kathy having a sick day, I cleaned the boat bottom.

9 Feb 09 well were still in the Marshall islands with our planned departure in early March to Fiji. Kathy is busy making repairs to our sun shades and I'm just busy with everyday boat projects.

9 Feb 10 we're in Savu Savu Fiji and waiting for a weather window to head up the coast Vanua Levu with our friends John and Renee of "Scarlett O'Hara.

9 Feb 11 We've moved quite a bit in the last year. Fiji to Vanuatu, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and are now in Thailand. Today anchored off Patong beach in the Phuket area. We spent the day doing some shopping with our friends there Phil and his wife Nuch. It was also a dentist trip for me to have a crown replaced.

9 Feb 12 We're back in Thailand again after having made trips down and back up the Malacca Straits visiting the Singapore area. Today was shopping in the Boat Lagoon area of Phuket looking for boat stuff.

9 Feb 13 We have head east since Thailand back to the Singapore area then across the eastern part of Malaysia, Borneo, and on to the Philippines. Today finds us enjoying the quiet anchorage of Puerto del Sol on the Island of Coron in the southwest Philippines.

So there is a bit more of the history and travels since we began this adventurous and different lifestyle. I'm not sure of the miles traveled but basically half way around the world, covering 200 of the 360 degrees of longitude. Perhaps before my next update I'll try to do a rough as the crow flies estimate of the actual miles traveled.

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Gelidy Gelato said...

What an adventure!

Panama Steve said...

Yocom here. That was cool, Jerry. Hope all is well. Still in Bocas del Toro, and loving it. Don't miss the States at all. Going to be starting a business here, and really get my anchor stuck. Give a hug to Kathy for me. Maybe see you soon, in Mexico. Bye.