Thursday, December 4, 2014


Pinoy Boat Service
Port Carmen, Cebu

To any faithful readers I apologize, it's been several weeks and there has been a lot happening here in the boat yard. Sorry but all of that will have to wait as we are on typhoon watch. Local name Ruby, international name of  Hagupit is on it's way and depending on which model used we could be in for severe weather. We are hoping that the US Navy site JTWC is the correct one and ruby will make a last minute turn to the north leaving us on the fringes and with winds on  the 40 knot range. Time will tell.

We have been watching this system develop over the past five days starting as a mass of clouds near the equator and now developed into a category 5 or super typhoon with sustained winds of 155 knots and gusts to 190 knots.

We are about 90% prepared as I write this on Thursday evening here. We will finish up tomorrow adding additional stern lines, tying up the wind generator and some other small jobs. Depending on the forecast model that comes true our area will start feeling the effects around noon Saturday. by then we should also know where Ruby is going.

I'll try to give some updates during the next few days and once Ruby has left catch up on the last month activities.

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