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Three and a half months and it has taken a holiday to get me inspired to do some sort of an update. MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!

Since our arrival here in Palau we have not been truly busy and enjoyed just hanging out and catching up on relaxing. There has been some work done and also a very nice visit from our friend Connie. A trip to the Rock Island area of Palau, lots of swimming in the lovely warm and clear water either while on our mooring or during our Rock Island trip.

There have also been some setbacks. Kathy had to make a trip to Guam to see an eye doctor, nothing serious as it turned out. My engine work of replacing the rear main oil seal was a failure and we continue to have a substantial leak when running the engine. Something that will be taken care of in the future. Our water maker needs to be looked at again as the product water is not up to standards. Biggest on the list would be suffering a fractured patella on my newly replaced knee. I will be coming to the states in mid January to have it and the other knee that I injured just prior to leaving the Philippines looked at.

This is a lovely place and as we have just gotten resident status for the State of Koror the boat can stay here and as we as US citizens get one year visas we may be staying for an extended time. Others have told us that it is expensive here but we are not finding that so. Our mooring is only $50 a month and groceries or eating out are not really more than in the states.

That may catch things up a little and hopefully I will be a little more timely with future entries.

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