Monday, May 28, 2018


29 May 2018
1400 Local Time
Position: 22' 15 N 159' 26 E

We just continue to sail along in mostly 13 to 18 kt. winds on a close reach. A few squalls during the night usually on Kathy's watch. We are now enjoying a full moon. We saw one ship on day 2 but nothing since then.

As expected on a vessel on passage there are minor breakage's. I need to replace a failed saloon fan. Yesterday while shaking out a reef a line jammed requiring me to remove the end of the boom to free the line caught in the sheave. When these occur I often fail in blog updates as it cuts into sleep time.

Our current position puts us at the latitude of Hawaii but 2300 further west. We continue along heading north and east till several hundred miles north of Hawaii and then east back home.

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