Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Anchored Position 01°42.915N 110°19.925E

We departed the marina on Tioman Island on the 8th of August and made our way around to the eastern side for our 350 mile passage to the island of Borneo which is comprised of three countries, Indonesia, Malaysia and Brunei. Our destination was the Malaysian state of Sarawak. Three nights and four days later we anchored at Palau [island] Talang Talang in Sarawak Malaysia.

Our passage was a bit longer than anticipated but we suffered from the dreaded "noserly" winds and adverse current for the first 24 hours. When your course is southeast and the prevailing wind is supposed to be from the southwest it really sucks when instead of a beam reach it's wind and  a four foot swell on the nose. Not to worry we do have nothing but time.

After spending the last two nights anchored off different islands we are now a ways up the Santubong River. we will only stay here a short time as our goal is the Philippine's before the change of the monsoon.

This afternoon I went ashore to see about fuel and whatever other information I could gather.  I managed to order 120 liters of diesel along with buying some green leafy lettuce type veggie and a mango at one of the village shops. The city of Kuching is about a half hour away but we never seem to be to much into visiting cities and do have enough fresh stuff to last a bit so once we get fuel we will be on our way once again.

A bonus here in Malaysia is the internet service.  We pay aboutg $20 US per month and have service most places. It's the same for the phone. We call to the states and talk for a half hour and it only costs about $2 US.

We will continue to move east torward the Philippines in the next day or so.

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