Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Anchored Position 11°35.211 N 123°21.008
South Gigante Island, Philippines

As we continue our movement to Port Carmen, Cebu Island we are taking a rest today and enjoying a peaceful anchorage here on the island of S. Gigante. Our passage here yesterday was a short 26 miles from an anchorage on the south end of Masbate Island. The weather continues to be calm with little wind still from the east to the southeast our direction of travel. the traveling days continue to be of the motor sailing variety.

Our arrival here yesterday corresponded to some sort of fiesta with lots of activity around this particular bay even though there is not a village in the immediate area. Several of the local banca's stopped to visit mainly with teenagers who had been enjoying swimming and leading off a large rock. They spoke little English but we were able to understand it was some sort of fiesta day and they were having a good time. They seemed to mainly want to just stare but really enjoyed having their photos taken.

Today has been mainly relaxing. We did a clean-up this morning then a float to cool off. Since then it's been reading or a movie. No internet or even phone service here.

Tomorrow we'll be off again, it's 46 miles to Malapascua Island uor next stop.

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