Saturday, April 6, 2013


Moored position 13° 30.3 N 120° 57.2 E
Puerto Galera, Mindoro Philippines

That was the title to an old TV show, what I ought to have titled this is GOT SMART! We have moved into the modern electronic age and gotten a "smart phone"! If you figure that I never owned a computer till 2004 and still whenever we get a phone it's always in Kathy's name this was a big move. Heck I never could really operate the simple little Nokia.

With that said this was all caused by a little swim that I took while trying to board the yacht club service boat after the first race last weekend. No it wasn't the phone that was in my pocket and died but what at one time was our "waterproof'" to 10 meters camera. In years past the old Olympus had no problem getting wet and took many underwater photos, perhaps it was the shock of the two and a half back flip in layout position and not the getting wet. No matter the camera no longer would work. Now we have two older digital cameras but on putting in new batteries neither worked. Traveling the world you need a camera especially so my loyal blog readers, that's you, can view our adventures. So a phone with a camera was a logical step. This was especially true as no stores here carried digital cameras.

We were limited to what was available here, everything but Apple. There are lots of phone stores but many carry knock-offs of every brand, we were told that the Samsung store was real so after first looking and doing some internet checking we, well Kathy, is the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S. Now learning how to "drive'" it is a whole different matter. The salesperson was a bit shocked when we showed him our old phone and told him we knew nothing of touch screen or swipping. Once out of the box we got a first lesson and today a second.

Now three days into the modern ages, the "smart phone" is acting as our router while Kathy works on our laptop and I write this blog on our notebook. We have dozens of "apps", Kathy takes photos and then immediately posts to her facebook, we can track weather as we wander the streets and who knows what we may learn tomorrow. To think this was all caused by a misstep and a little swim.

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