Thursday, March 9, 2017


10 Mar. 2017
1600 Local
Position: 07° 20.28 N 137° 27.07 E
Moored, Palau

While Miss perky got to enjoy her time at the spa there was work to be done on the boat. With the engine out it was an opportunity to clean what had become a very messy engine room. Being on a mooring in the pristine clean waters of Palau I could not just spray degreaser about then rinse it to the bilge to be pumped overboard. Instead it was wiping on the degreaser, Kathy recommended floor stripper, using a scrubby pad then using paper towels to wipe clean. This was followed by wiping with a damp cloth and then a dry one This took several applications lots of paper towel and rags but allowed the area to be cleaned without pumping oily sludge overboard.

Jim, the mechanic, was busy working on Miss Perky. As she was running fine we mainly wanted to fix the oil leaks from the rear main seal along with a number of others. It was also a chance to replace the oil line hoses with new. Jim recommended a new paint scheme of all white, better to track down oil leaks in the future. Miss Perky is no longer Perkins blue but Detroit white along with a white engine room the area is brightened up considerably. After new seals, gaskets, hoses and paint Jim test ran her several times in his shop and finding no leaks it was time to put her back in the boat. A big problem was the very rainy weather that we were experiencing here in Palau. Friday March 3 was our hoped for day and somehow we managed to have three hours that morning without rain and got the installation done, just the reverse of the engine removal. Shortly thereafter the sky's opened up again.


With the engine back in my work continued with the job of hooking everything back up and getting Miss Perky running in the boat, that is still continuing today. There have been several small problems that we are managing to solve but progress is being made. More on those with the next addition.

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