Thursday, June 7, 2018


8 June 2018
0045 GMT
Position: 32' 55 N 169' 07 E

All is well aboard but seat belts could have been useful during the last 24 hours.

Since noon yesterday when I finished working on Miss Perky, that will be another story, the wind has gone from SW at 10 to 15 and just below 20 Knots to above 20. Our sail plan has gone from full main and genoa to double reefed main with rolled in genoa. Boat speeds went to the high 7's and occasional 8 Knots. At 0430 this morning we tucked in another reef. After a bit we dropped the main altogether and are now with staysail only, with speeds still in the 6 knot range.

Next is some more weather checking.

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