Thursday, June 14, 2018


14 June 18, Thursday
Time 2240 Zulu
Position: 19' 42 N 179' 11 W

All is well aboard as having crossed the dateline we get to experience the 14 th of June again.

Having gone far south to lessen the impact of the storm that was to our north we are back to heading mostly east. We managed the heavy weather as we had perhaps 18 hours with wind above 25 kts and 12 of those hours in the 35 to 40 ki range. It would have been more pleasant to have hove to but without the staysail that was not an option. We used just a triple reefed main and changed to a 3 hour watch scheduled to experience the fun.

Now that the stormy weather has gone through we have no wind though we still get the big rolly seas. Our hope was during the no wind period to try to repair the jammed staysail but it's just to lumpy bumpy.

The forecast calls for wind later this afternoon, until then we are under Miss Perk's power making 2.5 to 3 kts trying to conserve fuel.

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