Monday, November 2, 2015


Ocean View Marina
Samal Island, Davao
Mindanao, Philippines

A day late for those of you who may check on a regular basis, actually two now as the internet was so bad last night I was unable to finish this edition. No excuses, I just looked at the clock last night and decided to keep reading my book instead of turning on the computer and writing.

Monday it was off to the big city of Davao. I intended to visit a doctor at the hospital and then the machine shop to have the new mast head sheaves fabricated. First though was a visit to the friendly ATM machine. TRANSACTION DENIED!! OK we have now been in the Philippines for 3 years and the bank has been notified numerous times that we are here but lately the fraud department seems to like to put a hold when we try to withdraw funds.  It involves a call to the bank to have the hold removed which also costs us money as from here there are no free 800 numbers. With limited funds in my pocket I decided the machine shop was more important so that was my destination. The new sheaves were ordered at about a third of the cost that I could have gotten them from the US not including shipping and would be ready Friday. I spent the evening once again talking to the bank and hopefully tomorrow the ATM will spit out peso's.

To visit a doctor here it seems you must go to the clinic first. they do not seem to take office appointments. Tuesday it was off to Davao Doctors  Hospital to see an orthopedist. After a discussion, x-rays, more discussion about what seems to be an arthritic condition the decision was first fluid draining and a steroid injection. All done, 4,000 peso's or less than $100 US. Now we wait to see how the knee feels in the next few days.

Wednesday, the knee is better and I now have Ta-Ta working on plugging the holes in the mast. Since our last Balikbayan box we now have material and Kathy is sewing again, now it is finishing the covers for the windows in the enclosure.

My next project is the removal and plugging of 3 unused thru hulls and their seacocks. They have been unnecessary since we removed the deck drains 14 years ago. Hey there's no reason to hurry.




The old holes now have one layer of glass on the inside and two on the outside. A bit more sanding and I'll move on to the next project, which is pulling the seacocks apart for servicing.

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