Sunday, January 18, 2015


Pinoy Boat Service
Port Carmen, Cebu

Yes, we are still here in the boat yard BUT we have a projected departure of Tuesday morning 20 January. We have been extremely busy getting things ready to leave since the 5 th of January when we finally received the refrigeration part that we had been awaiting. I installed the new electronic module the next morning. We once again have cold in the freezer compartment.

The past two weeks have been "eggs to lay and chickens to hatch" as we became fully involved in getting the boat ready to once again sail and cruise the waters as she was intended. We have been stagnant here for twenty months at least when I went in to clean the bottom we were not attached. A long list was made and then as things were done check marks were applied. A slight problem was that as one item was crossed off often two new ones were added.

Lots of things had been removed and placed in a storage area. All needed to be back on the boat. There are a couple of things still to do tomorrow but Kathy did the last major shopping today. My job was to get the outboard for the dinghy running. Fresh fuel and about ten pulls of the cord and off it went, quite surprising after sitting for an extended time.

Our plan has us leaving about 11 am Tuesday and heading out to the Camotes islands a short fifteen miles away. We'll then take another week to ten days to head south and a bit east to the island of Mindanao  where we'll stay in a marina as we do our final preparations to head back east across the pacific to California.

I'm looking forward to sending out the next post from somewhere out at anchor.

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