Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Anchor Position: 10°14.247N in 40 feet with an unknown bottom
Bilangbilangan Is.

After a pleasant first night on the anchor we were once again underway. Today was a 26 mile motor with winds in the 5 knot range. We upped anchor and departed at 0715.

I couldn't help myself and tried the engine drive refrigeration system once again. No noise from the compressor and the holding plates started to get cold. I'm not sure what yesterday's problem was but very happy that things were working today.

After letting the refrigeration system run for 45 minutes it was time to move on to the next system the water maker! This had also been not in true use during our time in the boat yard though each week I did perform what was termed a freshwater flush. This was in lieu of "pickling" the membranes. We let things run for 10 minutes and then the output water passed Kathy's taste test, valves were then switched to send water to one of the tanks.

Next was reading the manual regarding the auto pilot. All appears correct but "otto" steers as if drunk with the wheel moving back and forth 30 degrees from center. We seemed to just be weaving along. My thinking is a problem with the flux gate compass which I'll try to change out with a spare when we spend a day in an anchorage. Not tomorrow as that is another planned moving day.

Just prior to our arrival here in the anchorage the automatic bilge pump started cycling on stopping and then coming on again. In to the engine room with a flashlight I could see a large amount of water pouring out from under where the port fuel tank is, it seemed that a hose had come off the pressure water system. Turning off the pressure pump stopped the leak, something to fix once at anchor and the engine room area had cooled off a bit. It was in fact a broken hose clamp on a hose from the hot water heater, repaired quite simply.

More moving tomorrow and then a day of rest.

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