Monday, January 26, 2015


Anchor Position: 09°57.743N
Sonok Pt. Panaon Is.

Moving along today was a bit blustery with wind gusts to 30 knots and sloppy on the beam seas. No real swell but a short 3 foot chop. Visibility was poor with clouds and rain. Thankfully our passage was only 15 miles and now with our enclosed cockpit dry and comfortable. If only "otto" had not gone into retirement.

We are in a nice anchorage behind Sonok point . The depth here went to 50 feet and stayed as we got close to shore so we are sitting about 200 yards off the village in that depth. The gusty winds and rain have continued through the day.

Weather permitting we have another 23 miles to go tomorrow to our last anchorage before we transit the Hinatuan passage taking us through a gap in the Philippine archipelago and back into the pacific ocean. Sailing directions state that the currents through the passage can reach 7 knots so we need to plan our departure to take advantage of the out going current. Being in the middle of the moon phase the tides are minimal
and we think we have things planned correctly. There will be more on that once through the passage.

I have just finished looking at several weather forecasts for the next days and they seem in agreement that the winds and seas are considerably lighter tomorrow. We'll know more in the morning looking out the port lights but truly not till the anchor is hoisted and we move out of this secure spot.

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