Sunday, January 25, 2015


Anchorage Position: 10°01.769N
South end of Leyte Is.

Another day of moving along on our passage south from Port Carmen to the marina on Samal island near Davao, Mindanao. Here we will finish our preparations for crossing back across the pacific to California. One of the major things being the replacement of the auto pilot.

We had more rain overnight. The boat is now clean after all the dirt in Port Carmen. The weather looked to be clearing and we were off again at 0730 for the 23 miles to the proposed anchorage on the southern end of Leyte island. We had wind of 10 plus knots just forward of the beam but being lazy we just unrolled the headsail to give us a bit of extra speed. We have been treating these days as re-learning and shakedown after all the months in the boat yard.

At 1230 we had the anchor down. We dropped it in 45 feet perhaps a half mile of the village of San Roque. Once pulled back on the 225 feet of chain we were then in 95 feet of water. Perhaps 100 yards closer to shore from where we dropped the anchor people were wading in waist deep water. The transition from deep to shallow happened very quickly.

We had another quiet afternoon. Tomorrows passage should also we a short one as we continue along.

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